Five years ago, tragedy struck the small town of Sandpoint. First, a spree of murders claimed the lives of dozens of citizens, rocking the foundation of safety and security that the citizens had held for the past forty years. The assailant, called Chopper by the locals, was interrupted during his final attack and was revealed to be a likeable, yet eccentric, local artist by the name of Jervas Stoot. Second, less than a month later, a fire burned the town church to the ground and nearly claimed the entire northern section of the town. Many lives were lost, including the much loved Father Tobyn and his foundling daughter Nualia.

Physically, the town has healed and rebuilt the damage caused by the fires. A new cathedral has been constructed, and buildings have been replaced. Though, emotional scars still remain, the people of Sandpoint find themselves on the eve of a grand festival, the Swallowtail Festival, with the hopes that games, food, and the consecration of the new cathedral will finally heal the wounds caused by the “Late Unpleasantness”.

Rise of the Runelords